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Welcome to PG Jaipur

Whether you are studying in a different town or you are in a new city to make your career, you always look for a home away from home. PG Jaipur is a perfect abode for those looking for a hostel in Jaipur. We offer a warm facility of paying guest in GopalPura ByPass with a wide range of amenities that promise a convenient and comfortable living.

We are a PG located in Gopalpura Bypass Road, Jaipur offering cozy accommodations for boys/girls and professional employees. We have the staff to care of your daily chores so that you can give time to more important things in life. We are a popular PG in Jaipur because of our premium facilities which include RO drinking water, parking, power backup, unlimited Wifi, play area and housekeeping. We also offer hygienic and healthy home cooked food and all that comes with zero brokerage.

We are a secure and convenient boys and girls PG accommodation in Jaipur at reasonable prices where you will find a place where you can feel like you are HOME.


What Makes Us the Best PG Hostel in GopalPura ByPass, Jaipur

Though there are various PGs in Jaipur Gopalpura but there are various reasons which make us the most loved boys & girls hostel in Jaipur. And here are some reasons which make us Gopalpura Jaipur’s PG with best facilities:

PG hostels are the primary choice for people who stay away from home. It is because of the following facts.

  • Hygienic and delicious food: We offer home cooked food to our paying guests which is not just hygienic but also good in taste.
  • Unlimited WIFI facility: Whether you are a student or a working professional, we understand that you need speedy internet to work.
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance: We take all measures to keep our tenants safe all the time and for that we have CCTV cameras installed to ensure complete security.
  • Washing machine: To ensure comfort and convenience of our tenants, we also have washing machines to help them wash their clothes with ease.
  • Television and newspaper: Stay updated with news with the television facility. Complementary newspaper are also available which keeps you connected with the worldwide happenings.
  • Parking facility: Tenants can conveniently park their vehicles at our PG.
  • RO drinking water: Keeping in mind the health of our tenants, we have installed RO purifier that provides pure drinking water.
  • Housekeeping facility: You don’t have to waste your time with daily chores as we have trained housekeeping staff to do the job for you.
  • Facility for hot water and tea kettle: Tenants are also provided with tea kettles as well as hot water.
  • Bed and pillow: You don’t have to worry about your bed or pillow as we take care of these needs for you by providing you with a bed and pillow.

With such a long list of facilities to ensure comfort and security to ensure that you are safe, you can really have a wonderful stay at this PG in GopalPura ByPass, Jaipur. You can even make some friends or find some like-minded roommates in Jaipur by booking your place at this amazing accommodation.